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A Brief Overview of Psychedeli

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A Brief Overview of Psychedeli

Education is defined as acquiring skills. There are many different ways to be educated and many subjects that can be studied. School is not the only place or setting in which we can learn or get educated. We usually receive information by seeing, touching, and hearing, but it''s useless unless we think about it. Otto Friedrich states ''Education teaches how to think''. Thinking is a process to filter the information that we receive through our senses and put this information in order. A well-educated person should be able to think, to organize information, to have own thought, and to respond individually; therefore an educated person could educate himself or herself by receiving information. However, education is described as transmitting information and thinking. But, education can''t be complete with only information''s transmittal and without the freedom of thinking.

In our society, people who are well educated are those who graduated from a good school with good grades. In my own opinion, a person who has the ability to get good grades from a good school does not equal to a well-educated person. A person who gets good grade has the ability to receive information and fill out the same information on exams as answers, which just accomplished the information''s transmittal. Therefore, a student who gets good grades only indicates that student had done well in one part of education, which is the transmitter of information. A person can''t be a well-educated person just because he or she has the talent to get good grades, that''s because a good education can''t be accomplished without the process of thinking.

There is a belief in Asia and many other places in the world, the belief is about ''a good grade can get you into a good school, a good school can get you a good job, and a good job equals to a good life.'' Again, a good grade or a good school only tells that person had done a good job on information transmittal. Unfortunately, it is a fact that society made us to believe that a person who graduated from a good school has more opportunities than a person who hasn''t graduated from a good or famous school. But, in reality, the first step to have a good life is to keep good amount of income. In order to keep ...

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