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18th Century Study Questions

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18th Century Study Questions

Age of Pope

1. Pope became well known early in his life in spite of serious disabilities. What were these disabilities?

2. Of what poetic form was Pope a master?

3. What real incident provided the background for the "Rape of the Lock"?

4. Why is a mock epic appropriate to Pope's theme?

5. Read the first 8 lines of Canto III, p 577. Describe the effect of the last three words of line 8.

6. In line 11, the speaker tells us that the ladies and gentlemen "In various talk th' instructive hours they passed? and in line 16 "At every word a reputation dies." What kind of talk does line 16 tell us actually took place and what does this tell us about line 11?

7. What epic convention is the card game written to imitate?

8. In lines 95-100 Belinda wins when her king of heats takes the baron's ace of hearts. What is suggested by this conquest of hearts?

9. In lines 125-30 Clarissa hands the baron her scissors. To what is this compared? What is the effect of this comparison?

10. Ariel tries to warn Belinda to save her from losing her lock of hair. Why does he fail?

11. In lines 161-78 how does the baron view his achievement?

12. What weapons are used in the battle in Canto V?

13. What does Belinda use to subdue the baron?

14. In Greek mythology certain heroes like Hercules achieve the status of a god by becoming stars in the sky. In the "Rape of the Lock" what achieves this status? How is this satire?

Daniel DeFoe and "Journal of the Plague Year"

1. In what way did he serve the government? What other author that we have read worked undercover for the Government? (Renaissance writer)

2. What most famous novel did DeFoe write?


1. How would you describe the language of the piece?

2. What errand causes him to be in the streets of London?

3. What precautions were taken by Londoners to avoid contracting the plague?

4. How were sick people restrained by the Magistrates?

5. What was the function of the Examiners?

6. Why did public officials stop enforcing regulations?

7. What year is this plague? How old was DeFoe when it actually occurred? What does that tell you then about this "journal"?

8. What is the tone of this piece?

Jonathan Swift

1. Where was Swift born? How did this help from his attitude toward the English?<...

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